Sunday, March 23, 2008

The 1960s Chinese Dolls are back!

HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE! I apologize for not keeping up with posting regularly on this blog. Due to an over-packed schedule, a wedding a week away, a baby on the way, a 2 year old, 2 stores, committees, classes, volunteer stuff, appointments, goals and a newsletter combined with a long-running lack of sleep, my online presence has been less than prolific lately. But please check back, I am making it my goal to post at least a bit several times a week. So what's in store?....The Chinese dolls are back!(scroll down for photo) I know a lot of people really liked the 1st set of 1960s Chinese dolls and they sold quickly. I have not seen any others like them. The place where I got the 1st set had 2 sets. So when I saw how much people liked the 1st set, I went back and got the second set. They are slightly different from the 1st set in that they are a little bigger and their eyes are open. This is the last set though, when they are gone, they are gone and I have no idea where to find more. So if you are interested, you can contact me before I put them in the store. Coming soon.....We have a 1960s plastic bowling ball that is actually an ice bucket! a set of bowling pin salt & pepper shakers, some retro atomic dishes in the Blue Heaven pattern.(we've had some in this pattern for a long time and really love them). An orange mod style metal casserole warmer & stand, a tiki idol and more! I can't remember it all right now so you'll just have to check out our stores to see! Also, for the collectors of mid century modern..... we have something good in the works! We are doing our best to start bringing you some very swank mid century modern pottery and other ceramic decor. We'd love to hear who your favorites are! And we will keep them in mind when buying! Stop by and say Hello! We'd love to hear from you!

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