Monday, March 31, 2008

Getting Married Today!!

After 5 years of being "married" to each other, my other half and I are finally making it official! Today at the French Quarter Wedding Chapel, we will become husband and wife! It's a very very small wedding, we didn't invite anyone! Our families are on opposite ends of the country. And of course each family wanted the wedding in THEIR state. If we did that, our friends couldn't come because who would pay for the plane tickets and hotels. Then we would have to put on a bigger wedding to cater to all of our families friends that we don't even know. All of this confusion caused me to put off my wedding for years. So finally we decided to forget all of it. We wanted a wedding that would reflect what mattered most, that the two of us loved each other and just wanted to be married. So WE are going to get married in this beautiful old New Orleans style French Quarter chapel that looks more like a Victorian Parlor but with that touch of unusual New Orleans whimsy, the ceiling is very high and filled with a collection of antique and Tiffany chandeliers. With a reverend, a violinist, champaign, a small red velvet/amaretto wedding cake, and my own bouquet that I made myself. Then we are going to up to the river and drink wine on the beach, watching the ships go by.

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