Thursday, March 6, 2008

Vaudeville Vintage on Auction Wally's Podcast!

Special thanks to Mitzi of Vintage Goodness for mentioning our store on Auction Wally's Podcast! I'm flattered and delighted! In case you haven't been to Vintage Goodness on Etsy or the Vintage Goodness Flea-market on ebay, she has a universe full of vintage kitchen and housewares and all sorts of hip vintage finds and the etsy shop has some great vintage jewelry! Just follow the Vintage Goodness link in my links list over on the right side. That will take you to her blog and from there you can find links to the shops. And Auction Wally is a very experienced auctioneer with a really resourceful site called What's it worth? He does really good appraisals and he has a regular podcast that I've enjoyed listening too. And learned some things from! What's it Worth is also on my links list so if you like antiques go check it out!

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