Sunday, March 2, 2008

Vaudeville Vintage on

Thanks to Andy Nortnik for including our shop on his web site's "Retro Vintage Sites" page! Anyone with an interest in retro 50s is sure to have stumbled upon his Retro Clip art site at one time or another. Andy Nortnik is an artist who creates 50s kitsch, retro vintage style clip art that can be downloaded for next to nothing. His website not only has retro clip art for any occasion but also retro toys you can buy like 50s style jukeboxes & radios, pedal cars even rock 'em sock 'em robots! There's also a link to his Cafe press shop for Andy Nornik art T-shirts....He's got a ЯedЯum(redrum) shirt I'd love to get for my little boy! And the retro vintage sites page has tons of links to great retro sites for vintage clothing, bowling shirts, vintage toys, rockabilly clothing stores, retro clothing for kids, pin up art, retro candy stores, tiki bar shops and well, I can't tell you everything because I'm not done looking! You'll have to go see for yourself!....

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